Law Office of Melissa Dacunha, P.A.

Small Claims and Corporate Lawsuits are my bread and butter, because it takes “GUTS” and perseverance to be able to take on people or corporations that want to use their inadequate behavior to burglarize others. I understand that there is always another side to the story, but my job as a professional is to determine if the other side is telling the truth. I make sure that my clients understand that in order to fully present a case in front of a judge, they have to have some type of proof i.e.: receipts,contracts,sign documentation, promissory notes etc., to be a able to have a chance in having a fair trial.I fully support the judicial system in Florida, and I’m 100% confident that the truth always prevails. Make sure to research all credentials of any attorney you want to retain for the areas of Small Claims, Immigration, Lawsuits or Family Law. It takes many years of experience before a lawyer can truly represent anyone and most times, is worth to call more than one attorney before making a final decision. My law office is located in Pompano Beach, Fl and I cover the areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. Also, I represent many clients outside of Florida in any Small Claims, Lawsuits or Immigration cases. Call my office at 954-785-9280 or send me any question through my website at