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I understand that the word getting RIPPED-OFF is a harsh word coming out of an attorneys vocabulary, but I’m only saying the truth. If you ever trusted a person/company with your money and they deceived you, I know you understand why I say it in those terms. After working with clients for almost 10 years and hearing all the horror stories they go through, I have become territorial over all my clients. I cannot understand how companies intend to continue to stay competitive in this economy by lying to customers and not providing solutions to their problems. I encourage anyone getting RIPPED-Off to call me before they decide to drop it. I will give you a chance to get an answer to why they are doing what they are doing to you, or even better make sure they return your money or possessions back in a legal way. I have been practicing Litigation Law for almost 10 years for my community and surrounding areas of Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and the metropolitan areas of Fort Lauderdale Florida. Please make sure to hire an attorney with ample experience in the field , to make sure you and your Family are fully protected. You can call me for a consultation at 954-785-9280 or send me any questions you have through my website at