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Consider an attorney that is not only compassionate,  but also knowledgeable in all areas of Family Law. One may think that Family attorneys only deal with divorce cases, but its a lot deeper and more complicated than that. With divorce comes a lot issues that will arise once the process begins. Most of the time the hardest aspect of a divorce is not child custody, but child support. In many instances, the husband or wife will hire an attorney if they want to protect themselves from paying to much. Do not allow yourself to get intimidated from letters and calls made by the opposing counsel, instead protect yourself as well and hire an attorney that has the best interest for you and your loved ones.



Here at The Law Office of Melissa Dacunha, we have been practicing Family Law for almost 10 years and can assure you that every case is important to me and my staff. Allow me to take you by the hand in this difficult journey, and make sure that no one takes advantage of you or loved ones.  Call my law office at 954-785-9280 for a consultation, or send me any questions through my website at Look forward to hearing from you!